The biggest school in Germany certifiedNew school center for real schools and gymnasiums Nekargemyund 69151 Baden -Wurttemberg.

planning zdaniyRaspolozhenie downtown area and topography were decisive in choosing the location buildings. Oscillating wing creates a border town and smoothly into the suburbs. Distinction between a school and their general functions are reflected in the project: building in a U-shape consists of a real school and gymnasium as well as the connection of the wing with a variety of opportunities in both the entrance of the school building from the street. All building construction creates campus .

Located in the schoolyard and the atrium terrace , attractive lawn for games, sports and outdoor activities . Free lawn area in front of the main entrance and atrium can be combined for a variety of activities . The first floor is located at the school yard and is communicating levels of interconnect real schools, gymnasiums, administration and sports hall .

School type passive domaOsnova buildings made ​​of reinforced concrete and is located on the pile foundation . The passing of two meters in depth apron insulation minimizes heat loss through the floor and prevents thermal bridges on the first floor . Exterior walls are through the facade : on the top floor with the rear of the ventilated façade slabs on the ground floor with insulation system .

The flat roof is inclined , well landscaped and covered 900 square meters of photovoltaic installation . Mandatory for passive house ventilation system serves primarily to improve air quality by reducing carbon dioxide in it .

Produce heat regenerative energy sources: heat pump uses the heat of the earth at a depth of 100 meters, and two boilers running on wood pellets , share the main load . Very low primary energy demand for heating, hot water heating and electricity generation photovoltaic installation allows regenerative completely replaced . Continue reading

History of the first passive housesWhen he built the first passive house ? Who invented a passive house ? ” Passive House ” is just a new name for ” superizolirovannogo home ?” Here are some notes on this subject. Of course, they are incomplete , but still will clarify .

Traditional passive houses

Energy Saving domTraditsionnye for southern China built . Here the climate is such that requires cooling only , heating is unnecessary altogether.

In some climatic zones of the world does not require any heating or cooling system , if the house is built correctly (in some regions of Iran , on the coast of Portugal, in southern China ) . So built a “passive house “, although they have not called . So they named Bob Adamson (1990). And once there was the question of whether use available technical solutions to create a ” passive house ” in Europe. So the idea of ​​a research project ” Passive houses .”

Traditional passive houses in Iceland

warm domV Middle Ages in Iceland due to the crisis with the tradition of wood to build houses peat . These were passive houses , however, without proper windows and ventilation systems . Continue reading

Systematic work in Germany and Herster Shtaynmyuller and experimental house PhillipsExperimental house Phillips

topleniyaOdnovremenno house without the development in the Nordic countries and North America on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Research Germany had made ​​a systematic study of Systematic work in Germany and Herster Shtaynmyuller and experimental house Phillips, which was attended by Herster ( Task Team Leader ) , Shtaynmyuller and other scientists . Conducting simulations allowed to determine the correct settings for the energy-saving houses in Germany , and proved that field trials . As a result superizolirovanny single family home with an active solar technology, which was used for the experiment , and did not become zhilym.Opyt this project influenced the study of the problem of passive houses from the beginning.

Pioneers in North America : William Wayne Shurklif and Chic

Example ” superizolirovannogo home” vSShA

energy consumption in a number of North American passive domahTsely developments in the late ’70s and early ’80s (” superizolirovannye house “) was very similar to the passive house . William Shurklif published in this regard, many rabot.Eti serious work formed the foundation for a house with a low-energy and passive houses in Europe. Continue reading


“Wherever it is necessary to reorganize or repair , you must implement an effective system, as they will determine the need for energy in the next 20-50 years ” – Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Feist , the Passive House Institute .

Why is sanitation ?

sanitation housesIn Germany built a year less than one percent of new housing from the now existing . That is , the majority of the German population in the coming decades and will live in older homes. And as the old houses require much more overhead than the new buildings , the savings potential is great. There must act rule is good in building, then it should be recast in the old building. In total, renovating old houses is economically beneficial , it also reduces the dependence of the economy homeowners from folk and import energy sources.

Value and use of

The decisive factor in the calculation of the efficiency is already required optimization modernization activities . Additional costs for components suitable for passive houses, low. But the cost of the building is greatly increased. House last reorganization , whereby improved comfort and reduced operating costs , looks for a potential tenant much more attractive . That is easier to pass such housing . Continue reading

Passive house in the old buildingsPassive house in the old buildings passive house

Here parents learn from their children

passive domShkoly as office buildings were the first buildings in which was introduced the concept of the passive house construction . And the experiment has been successful. There are a number of implemented examples.

Results of geodetic works show that controlled ventilation necessarily improve air quality. They also show how to reduce energy consumption and optimize the use of the resulting heat. Just the construction of schools signed energy savings potential .

A pleasant side effect of high thermal windows used in the construction of passive houses are high indoor temperature during the winter . No need to install radiators under the windows, and even classes in rooms near the windows maintained favorable temperature conditions .

Right climate for students and teachers , reducing the cost of Passive house in the old buildings for the community and the fact that students see every day how you can save energy and at the same time take responsibility for the future. Continue reading

Insulation and heating . SEQUENCE readjustment HOMEsanitation is best to start with the elements of the building structure , which in any case should be updated . If, for example , the facade cracked plaster and repair is still needed , it is possible , by paying not a very large sum of money to lay additional insulation required thickness .

Additional investments in any case amortized through reducing heating costs. If readjustment of building elements do not need some more time , then update and improve the insulation in most cases will be beneficial from an economic standpoint. However, sometimes it is advisable, if we talk about the possibility of structural damage .

insulation domaPri conducting activities to improve the thermal insulation is necessary to create optimal conditions for the following measures for rehabilitation . For example, if you need to update and insulated roof , leave enough space under the arch of the roof , so that later when placing insulation on the exterior walls , it would be enough space.

What first : insulation or heating ? Continue reading